Survival & Reincarnation

Reincarnation, Channeling and Possession
Loyd Auerbach

An informative survey.

352 pp., pbk., 1993, Warner Books

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Aristocracy of the Dead: New Findings in Postmortem Survival
Arthur Berger

From the director of the Survival Research Center - modern insight and practical hypotheses on this controversial subject.

222 pp., cloth, 1987, McFarland

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Three Papers on the Survival Problem
Gardner Murphy

Classic essays by one of the ASPR's famous research directors. Includes: "An Outline of Survival Evidence", "Difficulties Confronting the Survival Hypothesis" and "Field Theory and Survival".

88 pp., pbk., 1945, ASPR

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At the Hour of Death
Karlis Osis & Erlendur Haraldsson

From interviews of over 1000 doctors and nurses, case studies of "post mortem existence" observations; a scientific investigation of these experiences. Revised edition.

267 pp., pbk., 1986, Hastings House

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Heading Toward Omega:
In Search of the Meaning of the Near-Death Experience

Kenneth Ring

Three year study of over 100 persons who experienced positive changes in outlook, values and behavior, and often spiritual awakening or psychic ability, as a result of their NDE.

348 pp., pbk., 1984, William Morrow

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